Professional Coaching

Cian and Lillie Keenan at LGCT

Cian with Ross Mulholland, Alice and Tom Wachman

Cian’s reputation as a coach is recognised internationally. The skills he imparts and the approach he adopts has seen him mould raw talent into potential world champions – as he shares the insights that have taken him to the very top of his sport.

Cian with Nicole Walker

As Cian says, “The same rules apply, whether your biggest target-track stands at 90cm or 1.60m. It’s about getting the best from yourself and your horse, and committing yourself to a training programme that will take you all the way.”

Cian and Tom Wachman

Cian and Max Wachman

It’s no surprise that Cian has already established a tremendous reputation for his coaching clinics in Ireland, the USA, the Middle East and China. Working with students across the world he has helped build on their strengths and work on areas where their equestrian skills are in need of improvement.


Lillie Keenan carrying the Aga Khan cup 2017

Cian, Mark Kinsella and Nicole Walker