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Hey everyone

It’s been a busy week despite having no shows. Blue Loyd and KEC Alligator Alley and Farfelu de Muze are on their way to Aachen where we have a training class tomorrow night.

It’s amazing how I’ve always been an advocate of social media but I saw at first hand this week the power it really has, and how it can reach a global audience very quickly.

Following St. Gallen I wrote what I felt was an honest opinion of where we were as a team and I was flattered to see it being picked up by several publications both on the internet and in print, but somewhat astonished at the way some of my remarks were interpreted.

My record is there for anyone to see and I’ve always been a team player through and through. In that blog following St. Gallen I was merely throwing out for debate the notion that should we find ourselves relegated, perhaps time away from the Superleague wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world and could give us a chance to regroup and rebuild.

A Facebook discussion was started last week on the Team Ireland Equestrian page and it was interesting to see the comments made by people who clearly hadn’t read any of the original blog or the first publication that carried the story, Horse and Hound.

Everyone is entitled to a point of view across the board and with the benefit of being positioned at the coalface I think the riders who support the team year in year out are the ones best positioned to offer the most informed opinion.

I have spoken to several of my colleagues this weekend who agreed with my point of view and while we have been shining individually for many years with great individual results, the plain facts are that that hasn’t mirrored through to team performances to the extent it should have over the last number of years.

The end of this year is the end of the Olympic cycle and hopefully Horse Sport Ireland will engage with all stakeholders to come up with a formula to see Ireland have success over the next number of Olympic cycles. In my own business and in every business the people at the top make a three, to five, to ten year plan. Why should it be different for a national show jumping team?

I wish I could charge for the amount of hits my blog got last week because if I got a euro for each hit I’d be able to buy a new Grand Prix horse!

Please follow my updates on Facebook this week from Aachen, where the Nations' Cup is on Thursday night and where we'll be all trying hard to get some of those valuable points to hopefully move us from the bottom of the leaderboard table.

Best wishes,

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