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Spring Clean In Autumn!

  • Exercising at Karlswood

Hey everyone,

It has been nice to be at home for the past few weeks. Apart from the fact that so much travelling can become a pain, being in the stable every day gives me a chance to get on top of things and steer the ship back on course!

Having over 40 horses in work is a huge undertaking and from time to time it’s important to take stock, in more ways than one!

We have made some changes at Karlswood in terms of the staff and the services we offer to our livery clients. I will be doing a new page on this site about this in the coming weeks but in essence the courtyard of 23 stables is being run solely as an upmarket livery yard where we offer top class service in a world class facility.

We had a good day yesterday in Boswell where Goldex won the 1m30 speed and Everything who won the Boomerang final in Millstreet the previous week was second in the Grand Prix.

Next Friday the horses travel to Gijon, which begins the following week. I take Ballymore Eustace, Splendor and Carpe Diem.

Best wishes,

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