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Hey everyone,

I'm writing to you from one of the most beautiful places in the world. I'm staying as a guest of my Spanish friend Rafy, at the farm where he is employed in Normandy, in France.

It's quite simply like horse heaven. I decided to come here for five days prior to La Baule to work on myself and my horses to be in the best possible shape for the show next week. I, as most people know, am quite self confident but it's also great to have someone knowledgeable on the ground to offer advice and help me work my horses.

I find Rafy to be a super trainer and all round horseman. As he himself rode dressage before, his emphasis on the flat work is huge and I found the last number of days so beneficial. Also when I'm riding at home there are always distractions. Someone comes to see me or the phone rings but when I'm working with someone on the ground it allows me to take time for myself and to focus on my riding which I believe is the best way for me to prepare for the opening leg of the Super League series next week.

In addition Rafy is a fitness freak and brings me to his own gym each evening! Ruth reckons it will be the making of me but thinks I need five months not five days!

We head to La Baule Tuesday evening where the vet check gets underway, Wednesday. I take Splendor, Larkhill Cruiser and Trebox Acorada. I will be aiming Larkhill Cruiser at Saturday's feature Derby event and I'm really hoping for a successful show- one thing I can say is that I have prepared myself in the best way I know so after that at least it wasn't for the lack of trying!!


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