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Happy New Year To One And All!

Hey Everyone,

I had a lovely time over the Christmas break. I spent Xmas Eve with my dad, Xmas Day with my mum and two sisters, Susanna and Pippa, who cooked an amazing meal, Xmas night I went to the north where I spent a few days with Ruth and her family.

I am just getting myself organised for Dubai, I fly there on Monday. The first of four shows in the UAE begins in Dubai next Thursday and I'm really looking forward to competing out there. I will also be giving regular clinics each week in the equestrian club and there is also the added bonus of getting a bit of sun. My mum will travel out with me for the first two weeks then Ruth will join me. It's nice to have the company and despite common opinion amongst the family I'm not just bringing my mum to do the washing and cooking!

I am really looking forward to tackling 2011 with a positive attitude, further develop both my business and career. Every wise man will tell you that there are always opportunities in recession and I firmly believe that there are great possibilities in this game presently if I apply myself and increase my brand awareness globally.

I will be giving several updates about my travels in the UAE so check back regularly.

I hope this year will be a good one for us all.

Best wishes,

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