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A Weekend In The Snow

  • The Globe arena in Stockholm

Hi Everyone

Just on the way back from Stockholm, queuing up for the Ryanair flight to Dublin. Not surprisingly, I suppose, Ryanair's Stockholm airport is a good 120km from the city! But I won't complain, for at least it's a direct flight.

We'd a very nice show here in Stockholm with a special Christmassy feel about it. I don't want to go into it too much now as it will be part of my article for the Irish Field next Saturday.

Both Splendor and Umberto were consistently placed. Umberto was 3rd and 6th and jumped very well each day. He's still green when going at the pace required to win at this level, but as I do more shows I've no doubt he will improve more quickly. He's without doubt one of the most careful horse I've ever ridden.

Splendor was double clear in the big class on the opening day, placing 4th, and today was clear in the Grand Prix and made just one mistake in the jump off to finish 5th.

My horses have a week off this week in preparation for the World Cup shows at Geneva and London coming up in the following two weeks. At these shows I will take these two horses plus a new horse I'm trying out over the Puissance wall this week at home, and if he's successful he'll go on the truck!

In addition I've bought a very prominent Irish Grand Prix horse who I'll be able to tell you about in the coming week.

Loads happening - it's great to be busy!

Chat soon.

Best wishes,

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