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Busy Week At Home

  • Splendor

Hi everyone,

Just recovering from a busy week at home at Karlswood. The place was a hive of activity with several groups of clients, coaching and working our horses.

It was a very productive week and the great thing about my job is that I have a wonderful balance between travelling and being at home.

Tonight the horses left for Stockholm in Sweden where I will compete over the weekend. I'm looking forward to getting away again. I take Splendor and Umberto, both of whom were clear in the Grand Prix yesterday in Kill, Splendor placing third.

Umberto is a new horse to me, which I will compete in the second classes at the international shows in the coming weeks. He's fast and careful and has a super technique in front. I expect him in the winner's enclosure before Christmas!

Kill was a busy show yesterday. We took nine horses there from Karlswood and all jumped very well. There was a great buzz around the place and it was great to see so many people competing still at this time of the year in Ireland.

With not much else happening this side of Christmas on the national front we will wind down many of our young horses now, which allows both horses and staff to have a bit of an easier time over the next six weeks.

Ruth and I fly to Stockholm on Thursday evening. Check back on Sunday night to see how the show went.

Best wishes,

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