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The Germans Really Do Know How To Do Things Well

  • Relaxing during the good weather

CSI3* Hagen just outside Osnabruck in Germany was an outstanding show. It was really well organised and very competitive jumping.

It's a little typical of Germany though, that whereas in other countries three star would be a lower standard, but as there were many good riders and horses here, Sunday was arguably bigger and more difficult than a normal three star Grand Prix.

This was evident in the result being only six clears out of 46 starters . I'm pleased to say that I with K Club Lady was the first of those clears and the crowd gave me a rapturous welcome as they had to watch 26 combinations fall foul of Frank Rothenberger's track before we appeared.

In the jump off the rules were that 25 per cent returned. It's hard to know if this is a good rule or not. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't, I suppose normally when it suits me!

K Club Lady had the second fence down in the jump off and with some of the four-faulters from the first round having fast clears in the jump off this pushed me down into eighth place. The day before the mare jumped great in the GP qualifier, having a clear and just one time fault.

Complete also competed well during the week, finishing fourth in the main speed class on Friday afternoon.

The horses are resting this weekend in Holland and Complete and K Club Lady will travel to Valencia in Spain leaving next Monday for the first leg of the Global Champions' Tour. This week I am at home giving lessons, riding a bit, helping Mark and getting on top of my office work.

Check back next Monday for my views on the World Cup Finals, the disqualification of McLain Ward, and some opinions on what direction the sport needs to go.

Best wishes,

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